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K3 Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Pen Style


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Aspire K3 Quick Start Vape Kit Battery and Tank Starter Kit

One of the three models within the ‘Quick Start’ range, the Aspire K3 Kit is right for helping you to quit smoking. With its higher capacity e-liquid tank and increased rechargeable battery capacity, the K3 Kit is ideal as an all-day alternative to tobacco smoking. This refillable vaping starter kit offers a satisfying draw without the health risks of tobacco smoke.

Aspire are one of the market leaders in vaping equipment. They’ve designed the K3 kit to be ultra-safe and straightforward to use. To refill the tank, simply unscrew it from the battery and loosen the atomizer section. Drip your e-liquid down into the glass tube, then reassemble. Leave the juice to infuse for a moment or two, then you’re able to vape.

Cheap e-cigarettes bought from garages and budget retailers are often disappointing. The Aspire K3 Kit delivers a sensible draw, and satisfying nicotine hit. Aspire’s high-end atomizers are designed to urge the absolute best flavor from any commercially available e juice. also as experimenting with a number of the exciting flavors available, you’ll also choose e liquids with a lower nicotine dosage.

This kit comes with better capacity, 1200mAh rechargeable battery. This extends the time between recharges. The battery base features a mini USB port for recharging with the supplied cable. The Aspire K3 Kit comes with an extended list of safety features to make sure safe charging and daily use. an easy LED indicator built into the vape button flashes blue on a full charge. When the sunshine changes to orange it’s time for a recharge. a simple user guide takes you thru all of the opposite safety features.

Buy this Aspire K3 Kit to modify from tobacco cigarettes to a less expensive, less harmful alternative. This ‘Quick Start’ kit offers an authentic, enjoyable vape that has helped many of us to quit the smoking habit.

 K3  Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Contents:

1 x Aspire K3 Tubular Battery
1 x Aspire K3 2ml E Juice Tank
2 x 1.8 Ohm Replaceable Atomizer Heads
1 x USB Charging Cable (Mini/Std)
1 x Easy User Guide

K3  Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Features:

Aspire K3 Battery:
Size: 84mm x 18mm
Capacity: 1200mAh
Connection: 510 + airflow slots
Carbon fiber battery case
Rechargeable with mini USB cable (supplied)
Allows pass-through vaping while on charge
The LED status signal on the fire button
Orange LED = low battery indication
15 Second Auto cut-out
Short circuit protection
Low volts protection
Overcharging protection
High-temperature protection
Available in Pink or Black

K3  Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Tank:

Size: 55mm x 18mm with drip tip
Drip Tip: 18mm x 8.5mm (replaceable)
E-liquid Capacity: 2.0 ml
Glass: Pyrex
Bottom fill tank
Works with all commercial e-liquid formulas
1.8 Ohm Aspire Kanthal coil atomizer ready-fitted
Spare 1.8 Ohm Atomizer supplied
Typical atomizer lasts 4 to 6 weeks
Cheap replacement atomizers readily available
The black battery comes with a Black tank case
The silver battery comes with Silver colored tank case

Aspire AVP Vape Kit 2ml Capacity Pod

K3 Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Pen Style

K3 Aspire Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Pen Style






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